Friday, August 1, 2014

Family room reno: week four

Happy Friday! Two things to be excited about today. First of all, the weekend, duh. Secondly, by the end of the day today the work on the family room will be DONE! Whooooo! Well, the work by other people. Mine has just begun.

Here’s an update on where we stand! Last week the flooring guy came and patched the floors:


He did SUCH a good job. To make them look seamless he recommended sanding down the entire area and restaining – especially since we added the spot where the island was too. He said smaller spots are OK to just stain/poly, but bigger ones like this would look better if everything was redone.

Here’s a bigger shot of the three areas he patched:

patching hardwood floors

Monday he came out and sanded:

installing hardwoods

I’m always tempted to just poly them and leave them this color – the natural wood is so pretty!

And then Tuesday and Wednesday were stain and poly days. This is what the rest of the main floor looked like till last night:

If you follow me on Instagram, yes I found my keys. Yesterday. They were in the garage. :)

It’s ALL worth it though…here they are in their finished glory:

onsite hardwoods jacobean stain satin poly

The ceiling has been patched and painted and now there’s absolutely NO sign that a wall was ever there! YES!!

Here’s a shot from mud room into the whole space:

jacobean stain minwax

Instead of moving everything back in first thing yesterday I got to work. I took down the molding on the walls:

It’s been up for eight years now – it’s time to go. This is that “foamy” molding I told you about years ago. It will be replaced with the board and batten look that’s in the office.

While I was at it I took the trim down from around the two doors in the room:

I’m replacing them with my craftsman trim I’ve been slowly adding around the house:

Still have some work to do. ;)

You’ll notice the new baseboards too – our old ones were impossibly small. Since we didn’t remove them when the floors went in years ago they looked even smaller:

Because 1.) our base is so hard to remove (the builders used two inch heavy duty nails every few inches) and 2.) with the hardwoods down it’s hard to remove them without damaging the floors – I have to get creative when it comes to beefing up the base. You can see my master bedroom solution here.

Because I’m adding the board and batten around the room I added a horizontal board along the top of the old baseboards and then placed the new base over that. I explained the process more in this post with pictures, but here it is after:

installing baseboards over old

I finished up the family room space, just have to do the kitchen area. They look a little wonky now but it will make more sense when the vertical boards go up. :)

I finished up some smaller projects too, like adding a decorative trim to the built ins. Here’s the unfinished before:

And after with some trim:

covering unfinished edge of wood 

The sides will get some trim that will cover all those seams. One step at a time. :)

And all is right with the world now that the island is back in the kitchen. Even though it does look like an art project gone wrong:

Isn’t it PRETTY? This poor island has been through so many makeovers. To get it out they had to tear off the decorative beadboard. At least I will be spurred on to get the island extension done sooner than later now. ;)

I wasn’t able to move it too much from it’s original position, but we now have quite a bit more space between the cabinets and the island – I wanted to move it out since I plan to extend it. I didn’t want the oven area to be cramped when we opened it.

So far…SO GOOD!! I hope you’ll be patient with me as I begin my portion of this work now…I want it done fast but it takes me a while.

By the way, we’re definitely moving the kitchen table – you can see this post for more on that. I think the open space by the bay window is going to be AWESOME now that I’ve had some time to get used to it.

Have a great weekend everybody! I’ll be painting!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Knock off wood art, take 2

Hello there! First of all, thank you all for the suggestions on the kitchen post last week – I’m still reading through all of them but have a few ideas in mind from what I’ve seen so far. Also, thanks for the ideas on the family vacation spots in my last post – I’ll be checking them all out!

So I’m not a big art-from-the-store kind of girl. I love having pieces in our home that are one of a kind and better yet, reflect us personally. I’ve purchased plenty from stores so it’s not like I’m an art snob, I just prefer to create pieces that are just right for certain spots in our home.

There was a spot in the “old” family room that needed large artwork so I decided to knock off some wood plank art I saw on the Pottery Barn website:

Pottery barn art knock off

Back then (I can’t believe that was two years ago already!) I was using a lot of blue tones and some pops of red in the family room, but I’ve gone to a more neutral pallet since.

I’ve had that art hanging in the room even with the softer colors in the room and it’s stuck out like sore thumb to me. The red and aqua colors were too much, and I wasn’t a big fan of the dark wax look anymore. I wanted something simpler and cleaner, but loved the look of the wood planks.

So. I decided to repaint the whole thing, but to do that took some time (more time than I imagined). I started by sanding the whole thing down really well:

The dark wax I used won’t take on new latex paint well so I tried my best to get every surface as sanded down as possible.

The wax gummed up my sanding pads quite a bit so it was a job to get it prepped:

I wiped it down really well with a wet cloth before I started taping off the strips. I used painter’s tape to tape off each board:

Taping them off really doesn’t take that long, especially the first couple of colors. If you don’t get the line perfect early on it’s easy to paint over down the line with a later color.

The time in this process came in the sheer number of those little bitty wood pieces and the drying time. Gah. SO. many. pieces. I don’t remember this taking this long when I first made this thing!

Once you get the first color done you’ll want to be careful taping over what you’ve already painted. For the next couple of colors I used a mix of regular green FrogTape and their yellow delicate tape:

taping off planks

Both work great – I actually use the delicate more than the regular over all because it works so well. I know I don’t have to worry about it pulling up any paint.

I did have a few spots lift up but those were areas where I hadn’t sanded well enough and there was still wax. I had a few of those. ;)

A couple hours later (that drying time dragged this project out longer than I thought it would take) and five colors later and I had finished artwork in much more soothing tones:

DIY wood strip artwork

I used paint colors I had from previous projects for the whole thing – hoarding paint pays off folks! ;)

The colors are Agreeable Gray (from the powder room) for the light beige boards, Rhinestone (lightened 50 percent) for the nearly white ones, Whitestone (from the master bedroom) for the light gray, Marina Gray (from the basement, lightened 25 percent) for the mid-gray and Storm Cloud for the darkest one. I’ve had that color so long I have no idea what I first used it on. I just grabbed what I had and I love how they look together!

I plan to hang this in the family room again but with the trimwork it may not work vertical like that. I actually like it better horizontal anyway:

DIY wood artwork

I left the nail holes on purpose – I kind of dig them. I plan to take a toothpick between some of the boards to get a more even look…but I couldn’t get to the toothpicks in the kitchen. ;) More on that in a minute.

Here it is hanging horizontal just to show how it looks – I LOVE the colors! It went from country looking to a lot more updated:

DIY wood plank artwork

It’s hanging too high in this spot, but it’s the only open wall I could get to today – our house is a total disaster. I’m not like, oh, ha ha, our house is a disaster! I’m like, seriously, never before has it been like this ever EVER disaster. The reno is coming to a close this week!!

Over the past week the floors in the family room and kitchen were patched, sanded down and then restained.

This is what’s really like behind the photo:

That isn’t even the half of it. :) Tonight we can start moving things back into the room and by the end of this week all the contractors will be DONE. Whoohoo!! I’m hoping to paint a fireplace this weekend!!

So there’s how I reworked one of my DIY art pieces – it took longer than I thought but the result was worth it! It looks totally different!