Thursday, October 23, 2014

A window seat in the kitchen!

My dream is realized people – or it will be soon. For YEARS I have wanted a window seat in our home. I’ve gotten googly-eyed over beautiful photos, daydreamed about it, really dreamed about it (sad, I know)…the love is deep and true.

And we’re finally getting one. Or will be when I build it – but I’ll be able to build it, yay! I could pee my pants with excitement my friends. Pee. my. pants. Very long story short – we thought about adding on to our house, the quotes were ridiculous, we decided to knock down a wall instead and then perhaps still expand our bay window area:

bay window in kitchen

That’s when we thought the kitchen table would still stay there, but we quickly realized we were going to have way more space than we thought so the table moved over to where the sofa used to be.

The kitchen renovation will be next year (and it will probably last all year) but the new open space gives us all kinds of fun options in the room, including expanding the kitchen island.

We decided pretty early in our renovation that expanding the kitchen just isn’t needed with the new layout. But we did decide to go ahead with changing a few things that we planned from the start – the double window in the family room/kitchen will be changed to double doors. Since we don’t need two doors within feet of each other my wheels started turning and the bay window getting a little change up so that I will be able to get my DREAM WINDOW SEAT. Whoot!

I will be building it myself so I’ve been researching different looks and plans. It’s not really hard to do but I’ll need a table saw for sure.

Although I’m not picky and love just about any window seat, I’ve been searching those specifically built into bay windows. I haven’t decided if I want it to curve with the window or just go straight across:

DIY window seat


Isn’t that gorgeous? Ack!!

Heather’s turned out beautifully too and she shares the steps to their process:

DIY window seat


I don’t know yet if we’ll add a small round table or not – I don’t know if we’ll have room when the island is expanded. I’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s another version straight across:

window seat in kitchen


I love the little plant shelf behind it – I couldn’t believe I found one like that because I’m hoping to add something similar. Not sure it will work but I’m going to see!

Of course storage will be a MUST. I think I’d rather have drawers than a pull up seat – haven’t decided just yet. If we don’t have a table in front of it I guess pulling up the seat wouldn't be a big deal at all. We’d get better use of all that space that way too. I think I just talked myself out of the drawers. :)

I do like the idea of kind of curving it around too, like this:

curved window seat kitchen


Our bay window is pretty deep so I think we could do this.

Here’s a step by step tutorial on building a curved bench in a bay window:

how to build a window seat


When you break it down like that it doesn’t look that hard!

Our space isn’t this deep but this one is gorgeous too:

bay window seat


Lighting is a whole other thing – I’ve always wanted lights in that window area and I’ve come up with a solution. It involves these from Lowe’s:

coastal outdoor sconces

I think it will look pretty awesome and be wonderful additional light. (They are way cheaper in the store by the way.) Stay tuned!!

This one isn’t the shape of our window at all, but it’s what we were going to do if we added on. I’m including it because it’s just so pretty, I love it all:

built in banquet kitchen

Sigh. I can’t believe it’s finally going to happen. Happy happy joy joy!

I don’t know if I’ll get it done yet this year, but it may have to become a priority after the family room is done. That I will be sharing next week by the way, come hell or high water. :)

Do you have a window seat in your home? Do you love them? If you’ve ever built one feel free to link to it in the comments!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall in Indiana

Hello all! Thanks for the comments on the new door trim! I’m loving it as always. Yesterday I started one of my last big projects in the room – the new window trim. It’s all installed and now I’m starting the caulking, filling and many coats of paint. :) And I’m EXCITED because our new French door should be in this week – so we will have a completely finished space very very SOON. Goodness, I can’t wait.

I have to tell you – we have had an incredible fall around here. The trees are absolutely BURSTING with color this year! I know the intensity of the colors all depends on a certain mix of temps and rain and all that – so whatever happened this year was perfect because it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the trees look quite this vibrant.

We try to take advantage of all the fun stuff going on locally in Indiana during this time of year – there are SO many cool things we do every year. One of our traditions has been a trip to Nashville Indiana for a day – usually we stop by on our way home from our family weekend every fall but we ended up in Kentucky for that this year.

So we decided to take a trip down for a day to take everything in. It was an absolutely perfect time to see all the color. If you haven’t been to the Brown County area before and you’re within driving distance I highly recommend it. It’s great any time of the year – I really want to stay in a cabin in the winter sometime. But the fall is when this area really shines:

Nashville Indiana

The main street in Nashville is lined with TONS of shops and restaurants:

fall Nashville Indiana

There’s so many you can’t get through it all in one day.

It was a little chilly and we got some rain a couple times, but overall a lovely day. We walked up and down taking it all in:

Nashville Indiana in fall

We went to a few new-to-us places this year – the Rock Shop was one. We grabbed a bag of dirt and then took it over to “mine” it:

mining for rocks Nashville Indiana

One small bag contains a ton of beautiful rocks and fossils. We had a blast doing that – my son is now obsessed with rocks and it made me happy because I used to love them too. :)

The shops are all small and most are located in old homes and buildings. You’ll find handmade brooms:

Nashville Indiana shopping

Aren’t they beautiful?

There are a couple Christmas shops and we stop in one every year to add to the Bub’s Christmas village:

Nashville Indiana Christmas shops

And just fun little trinkets and gifts everywhere:

:) You’ll find wineries, breweries and amazing little treats like cinnamon sugar biscuits with apple butter as well.

Every shop is decked out with fall and Halloween decor:

downtown Nashville Indiana

It’s just filled with quaint areas and beautiful spots everywhere you look:

Nashville Indiana

Nashville was packed that day but we still got around just fine. We walked around for about four hours and then took off to Brown County State Park just down the street:

Indiana fall foliage

I grew up camping in this park so it was fun to take my son through it. The views were absolutely STUNNING. I was literally gasping at the colors everywhere we looked.

The seven-year-old thought it was cool too, just not quite as much as mom. ;) Brown County State Park Indiana

The park has a couple lookouts you can climb up and get great shots (where I got the ones above) but there are tons of spots to pull over and get a great view:

Indiana fall colors

We walked up to this lookout and a young couple had literally just gotten engaged. She was saying yes as we walked up and it was PRECIOUS. I took their photo and then got one of my own:

Brown County State Park lookout

I don’t think people realize the beauty that Indiana holds:

Brown County Indiana

We’re not all cornfields. ;) Although those can be quite beautiful too.

For a few weeks out of the year we get a spectacular show from Mother Nature:

brown county state park Indiana

And at this time and every other time of the year, there’s no place I’d rather be. Can you blame me?:

fall trees Indiana We probably have another week or so of these colors – and in southern Indiana where Nashville and the park are maybe a little longer. The leaves are really starting to drop here in central Indiana and I’m extra sad about it this year. It’s been a lovely fall.

Have you traveled to Nashville or been to our pretty state in the fall? We’d love to have you. :)