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Monday, June 9, 2014

A glass door, sorta kinda

Hello to you! Hope you had a great weekend! Ours was lovely – lots of time outside, a date night with my hubby and family time as well. So happy that summer is here!

So a couple years ago I wrote a post that got a huge response – I never imagined talking about glass doors would be so interesting. :) I spoke of my desire to add some glass to our front door. We have a transom window above the door and five windows in the living room/foyer, but because we face north the foyer especially can feel dark.

It got even worse when I painted the inside of the door black years ago:

black front door

I LOVE my black doors though, so that was staying. :)

So many of you agreed with the desire to have that natural light coming in as well. Those of you who already have glass sidelights or doors were mixed – some loved it and some hated it. Because a lot of you are in the one percent like me:


So the years passed and I still couldn’t get over how much I wanted some natural light up there. And the boy got older and I really wanted to be able to easily see where he was at outside. One day I realized I was going to just do what I said I would never do – get a storm door:

glass storm door

I’m going to be honest here – I used to be a storm door snob. I mean, in my defense, there are some that aren’t great looking. I have just always preferred the look of just the plain door.

But my mind changed. It happens. I’m growing, changing, all that stuff.

We got it from Lowe’s and it was actually a long wait to get it installed. It was about six weeks, maybe more, from start to finish. The last two weeks were the hardest – it was getting nice out and the Bub was outside all the time and I wanted that glass door so bad!

When it was installed I instantly felt very mom-like and very suburban. You know how I feel about suburban – some think it’s a bad word but it’s me. Proud of it.

I’m not totally obsessed with the way it looks from outside, but it’s not horrible at all. I went with a cranberry color (there weren’t a ton of options) because I figured it would work best with our front door. When I got home from ordering it I realized how much more rust our door is than cranberry, but I really don’t mind it:

glass storm door

For a hot second I thought about painting the door again but I think this is fine as is.

We ALL love it. It’s open all day, everyday. LOVE love love. The animals are obsessed:

I do know one thing now though – I could NOT do an all glass regular front door. No way, no how. When darkness hits that baby is closed and I need my privacy.

I was so thrilled about the door I figured it was time to update the trim like I’ve been doing all around the house. What a difference!:

black interior doors

You can see how I install my DIY craftsman trim here.

Now it works great with the new window trim up there as well:

thick window trim DIY

I still need to do some caulking on the door trim but it’s almost complete. I want to replace that foyer tile even more now! I still need to finish up replacing the chair rail throughout this front area as well.

We’re enjoying all the natural light that the new door brings in. I adore it! It makes the whole house brighter. We went with the heavier storm door with great security features, so I feel comfortable leaving it open all day:

craftsman diy door trim

Do you have a storm door? Does it make you feel incredibly suburban? :) Or do you have a glass front door and love it? Either way the natural light is amazing and I’m never going back! Whoot!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Living room refresh

Good Monday to you! Hope you had a great weekend!

I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE when I get to move furniture around…because I never move it around. Our house has a very open floor plan and very little useable wall space (that isn’t covered by windows). So once I find a spot for something it stays…forever. Moving furniture is a rare treat. :)

I found this étagère at HomeGoods a couple years back and it was love at first sight. I loved the detail on the sides of it and the size – nice and skinny. It started out between the two windows in the living room, but that became too busy to me, so I moved it next to the sofa last year:

tall etagere

It was there for a long time, but the height right there bugged me. It was right where the dining and living rooms meet and it felt awkward. I don’t have a full shot to show what I mean. It wasn’t awful or anything, I just wasn’t feeling it.

I decided a few weeks ago to try it in the corner where this desk/console used to sit:

desk by window

I wanted to use that desk in my office so the spot was freed up. I moved the bookcase over and loved it in that spot! And that of course started off a series of other small projects as well. It’s how I do. :)

When I installed the new window trim a couple weeks ago I started replacing the chair rail as well. I wanted something simpler that would sit flush against the window trim. And when I put the rail in years back I kind of cheated along that half wall behind the desk. Long story short the trim on the half wall didn’t meet up with the chair rail on the wall. So I removed all of it, including the top of the half wall, and installed all new:

replacing trim on half wall

Now the chair rail on that wall is one continuous piece of wood instead of two mismatched pieces. This would all make more sense if I had taken a before pic, but I forgot. :)

I got this new-to-me primer at Lowe’s when I was painting the window trim and so far I love it:

wood primer

It gives the wood a great base and goes on really smooth. I finished off the new chair rail and the top of the half wall with caulk and two coats of semi gloss paint. I still have quite a bit of chair rail to replace but I’ll do that as the budget allows.

But the best part is that I think this piece has finally found it’s forever home!:

skinny bookcase

It’s much bigger than the desk was, but takes up less visual space for sure. I couldn't believe the difference. I love how open it feels now and that we can appreciate the pretty detail on the side!

I loved what I had on the wall above the desk so I moved that between the windows:

DIY craftsman window trim

I’m not sure that will stay but I do like that the round mirrors break up all the rectangles in this spot – windows, wainscoting, bench and bookshelf.

OH! And I pulled the chair away from between the windows and I LOVE it. I hesitated to put the chairs on the rug (they don’t match but I’m working on that) -- I’ve liked having the floor more open. But WOW, what a difference it made to pull everything together – it really opens up this room. Love it. More pics soon!

I edited the contents of the shelves down a bit:

white etagere

I’m not 100 percent on the bottom shelf, but I’m using what I have so I’ll deal. ;)

I’ve decided for now I’m not putting the drapes back up. I’m sure I’ll crave more color there eventually, but for now I’m loving how clean and simple it is. Speaking of color, I was looking back at photos and found this before that shows the étagère in it’s original spot and the old pinky walls:

bookcase between windows

Can you believe how pink they were in that light? Goodness. Anyway, here’s how it looks now, with new paint and trim: craftsman trim on windows My little BFF is smooshing himself into this shot. :)

This room was on my list of spaces I wanted to rework this year and so far I’m really, really happy with how it’s coming together! It’s a two story space so it’s harder for me to figure out.

Do you move furniture around a lot? If so I’m jealous. It’s a free fix when you get the itch to tweak things around the house. :) Or do you keep things the way they are forever like me? I love using what you already have in a different space – it feels brand new when you move it around!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY craftsman window trim

WHOOT! I finally tackled a DIY project that I’ve been wanting to do FOREVER. But I was afraid…so afraid. I am excited to share it with you – there are a lot of pics so grab some coffee or a Coke and enjoy. :)

In addition to beefy baseboards and door trim, my dream has always been to add chunky trim around our windows. It just adds SO much character, I just love it. But all these years I haven’t been able to do it because our window sills weren’t wide enough. A long time ago I realized I could add some very skinny trim around the window that would match up with the sill:

This is a before I shot quickly before I started three days ago when it was 80 degrees and gorgeous. Today it’s 32 and snowy. But I digress.

To do the trim I wanted to do I’d have to take the whole sill (or stool, as it’s technically called) off and that intimidated me. But then I saw Cristina’s tutorial last summer and I thought it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought. I ended up following her instructions and they worked perfectly!

I actually wanted to do this SO badly at Christmas after we got our tree up. I thought it would look so lovely to have the beefy trim on the windows, but I reeled it in and realized starting this in December was not the best idea. ;)

Fast forward a few months and I finally started! First up, I removed the apron underneath the sill. Fun story – in the CRAZY cold we had this winter the window was iced up and when it melted it went into the wall. That area below the apron was a big bubble of water. Good stuff!:

So first you need to score all the areas (with a razor) that are caulked, otherwise when you pull the trim off it will pull the paint/drywall away:

removing window trim

I freaked for a split second when I pulled it off and thought there was mold:

But it was just overspray from when the room was painted years ago. :) Whew.

Here’s where I forgot to take a pic, but after the apron is gone, you take a crow bar and start pulling up the stool, or the sill. It was actually MUCH easier than I thought it would be. I mean, I’ve stood on these things – I thought they’d be impossible to remove. But they came up pretty fast and easy.

The only issue I had was the ends would start digging into the drywall as I pulled up:

When I worked on one end at a time (instead of trying to pull the whole thing up at once) it helped a bunch. I just focused on one side and got that up and clear of the drywall, then got the whole thing out. I do have to touch up a little drywall there but it’s not bad.

This is the shape of our stool when it was out:

removing window stool

And here’s what it looks like underneath:

removing window sill

I was actually AMAZED that we didn’t have any water issues – our windows get condensation every winter if we don’t adjust our humidifier in the HVAC system just so. And they were covered in ice more than once this past winter. This shows the power of glossy paint and caulk my friends!

After all that I took the skinny trim off the sides of the windows:

removing trim

I kept that all for future projects. I’ve used it on all of the wainscoting in this room.

Then I started the process of building up the new trim. I shared this image when I did my first craftsman door trim and it is so helpful:

  craftsman window trim

I can’t find their size used for the fillet, so I use a trim piece called stop instead. It works great.

Also, our window sills are deeper so I had to use 1 x 8 wood instead of the standard 1 x 5. I followed Cristina’s instructions and used the old sill as my guide for the new one. The only thing you need to keep in mind is your trim that will be on the sides of the windows – mine was 3 1/2 inches and I wanted the stool to stick out a bit from that, so I traced the original onto the new wood, but gave myself four inches:

craftsman window trim how to

Here’s how it looks installed so that makes more sense:

craftsman window trim how to

I followed my traced lines with a jigsaw to cut it out. Don’t worry if the lines aren’t perfect!:

craftsman window trim how to

They will be mostly covered with the new apron and the trim on each side of the window. The parts that aren’t covered are easily fixed with caulk. (My BFF.):

craftsman window trim how to

Putting up the trim is my favorite part! Seeing it come together is awesome. You’ll notice in that pic above that I had to pull off some other trim – more on that in a minute.

I took my sander to the edges of the new sill because this pine has really sharp edges. I do this on all of the door trim I’ve installed too:

I just knock it down a little so it’s not so pointy. If you have a router this would be even better. Then I did one coat of primer and two coats semi gloss paint on everything. I may go back over the stool with a high gloss just to make sure it’s waterproof.

So when I was putting the new trim up I realized the wainscoting I installed years ago was going to be in the way – I had to pull off each box on the wall and reinstall it all to make the new trim work. Total pain in the butt.

Some of it you can’t see, but some areas I still need to putty, sand and paint again:

craftsman window trim

I still need to touch up that area that was a bubble of water too. :)

But that will come later because for now I’m enjoying the new window trim that I love! Whoo hoo!:

beefy trim around windows

I had to pull the chair rail down to do it and I’ve wanted to replace it for a while anyway, so I started installing a new simpler rail:

trim around windows

I only have one wall done so far. I can’t BELIEVE how different the room looks with the beefier trim around the windows.

I took the drapes down before Christmas (you know, thinking I would do this back then), and I don’t know if I can put any back up:

craftsman window trim how to

We’ll see. :)

Here’s a closer look at how the new chair rail, reinstalled wainscoting and new window trim works together:

DIY wainscoting

I still need to clean up the walls a bit like I said, and caulk around the trim up higher, but for now I’m calling it good!:

thick trim around windows

I took one of these images and detailed the wood I used:

how to install new window trim

That should help if you’d like to try this yourself! Remember the 1x2 and stop up on top and the stool on the bottom will be a bit wider than the other pieces. The ones on top are 1/4 inch longer on both sides and the stool on the bottom is 1/2 longer on both ends.

Here’s a shot of the before again:

And here’s the after:

DIY craftsman window trim

Now…I just need to find someone to add the trim to the upper windows. Cause this girl is not doing it. :)

Have you beefed up your window trim? Like everything else, it will take me years to get it done throughout the whole house, but this start makes me happy! Big props to Cristina for her awesome post that gave me the courage to tackle this one! And if you have any questions let me know in the comments – I tried to cover everything but I always forget something.

Monday, May 13, 2013

That one room

Hello all! I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day! Mine was just wonderful, I am a lucky woman. So thankful!.

So there are times when I feel like decorating-wise this house is doing OK and over time I feel like it’s coming along nicely. And then there are “those” rooms that harass and taunt me for YEARS.

Our living room, or “front” room, is one of them. We have a very open floor plan, which you think you want and then you get it and realize you have, like, ZERO walls to work with. (And by the way, “you” means “me.”)

So this room is one of those, with only one wall to do anything with. We put a sofa on that big wall when we moved in and it’s stayed just because it fills the space and it’s comfy, even though I (now) really dislike the color.

Years ago (in my everything red and black phase) the room looked like this:

Nothing wrong with it, just not my style anymore. And I had always wanted to kind of pull things in more to make it more cozy.

I didn’t really accomplish that in the next phase, but I did start lightening things up:

See the pink walls? Yeah. Eight years I lived with those! I deserve a gold star. I’ll take a cookie!

The dresser didn’t last too long there – I found a small bookcase at HomeGoods that put in that spot instead, and I really liked how it fit right between the windows:

white etagere

But I noticed something when I moved that bookcase at Christmas last year – I really liked it in the new spot (I scooched it over by the sofa). And then I put it back and every time I looked at it just felt really busy in that spot: white etagere

I’ve been planning to tone down the accessories on there for awhile, but it’s more than that. The drapes have a lot going on and combined with the shelves and all the stuff on them, it was just bugging me. So for months now I’ve been thinking I need to try scooching it again – and I got a wild hair this weekend and finally did it.

All I did was move the bookcase back to the “Christmas” spot and then put the chair over there:

living room decorating @

The mirror was another HomeGoods find I’ve had for months – it was one of those rare finds I didn’t really have a spot for but knew I couldn’t pass up. I love it between the windows!

It just feels like that room can breath better now, you know? That silly spot between those two windows has been one of the hardest spot for me all these years! Such a goofy thing, but it’s driven me batty!

I can’t even decide if I want the chair turned in towards the sofa (like above) or facing out to the room:

analytical gray sherwin williams

First world problems here people.

There are still plenty of things that bug me about the room – it’s got two story windows and I love all the light (we need it in there) but it makes for a hard space to decorate. And with the one lone wall (without windows) and two honkin’ pillars in there, there are not many furniture layout options.

But I do love this small change! It just feels less busy and simpler to me. Here’s a different view of that spot last year with the pink(ish) walls and the bookcase:

decorating living room

And here it is with grayish walls and a simpler look now:

analytical gray sherwin williams

It didn’t cost any money, which is a bonus (most of my changes to that spot haven’t, thank goodness), and after staring at it for months it took all of ten minutes to move the bookcase and hang the mirror.

For now…I love it! ;) For. NOW.

Do you have a room/spot/wall between two windows that drives you fruit loopy? Do you change it with the wind like me? Or have you found a solution that finally works?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

DIY art (reusing an old canvas)

Hello there! Happy start to another week! Can you believe it’s almost the end of July already?? Unreal. Today I’m sharing another project that I’m TOTALLY in love with. I’m totally in love with the price too – FREE. Awww. yeah.

When we had some of the downstairs walls repainted last month, I had to figure out what I was going to do with the large rectangles I had created with molding above the living room sofa (sorry about the old pic, I couldn’t find a newer shot):

I’ve had it up there for years so I was kind of feeling like a change, but I wasn’t sure what kind of change. Thing is, I knew if I left it as is then I did take the trim down later, I would end up with the pinkish wall color behind that molding that I would have to paint.

So to avoid that, I took all the trim down before they painted – I figured I could put it back up pretty easily if I wanted.

After the wall painting was done, it wasn’t long before I couldn’t handle the empty wall, so I went ahead with an idea that had been growing in my head for awhile. ;)

I had a large canvas art print I had purchased years and years ago on clearance that wasn’t really my style anymore. I almost took it to the consignment shop a while back, but decided to keep it with ideas of reworking it.

So rework it I did. :) I started by priming it a couple times:

priming canvas

Then I grabbed as many colors as I could find in my stash that worked with that room. I wanted mostly aqua and blue tones but also wanted to pull in the wall color in the room.

So the Bub and I opened them all up (I think we used seven colors total), and I would pour paint on the canvas (totally randomly) and he would paint:

DIY canvas art

At first I thought, what in the heck am I doing?? But then…the more we poured and brushed, the more it came together.

And I tell you what – it was FUN! We were making art! :)

I figured out about half way in that I needed to keep a “wet edge” on my paint brush –- otherwise the paint was pulling a bit the more I added to the canvas.

So I got a cup with water, and I would dip the brush in, then paint, and it went so much better. It kept the paint really smooth and easy to work with.

When we were done (and it was hard to stop!!), I couldn’t have been more pleased!

You can see on the left where it was pulling a bit, so the paint wasn’t as smooth. On the right, it’s more flowing:

And when all was said and done, I actually like the combo of the two textures. I totally meant to do that. ;)

I was trying to have the colors continue onto the sides perfectly, but I just ended up painting them when I was done:

reusing art canvas

I LOVE how it turned out – we are arteests!! ;) DIY art blue cream

The Bub thinks it looks like clouds (he kept telling me as we were working on it, which I thought was adorable). I think it looks like waves – either way I think it turned out pretty darn beautiful. :)

I love that the texture of the original art still shows through too:

blue DIY art

Of course it’s not nearly as wide as the molding was, but I think it works well on that wall. At first I was going to make another large rectangle around it and paint it out white, so it “frames” it a bit. But now I’m not sure – I’ve decided I’m going to live with it as is (by itself) for a while and see what comes to me:

DIY art canvas

I may go ahead with the trim, I may do a couple large sconces? I’m not sure, but I know with time the right thing will pop in my brain. It may be years. ;) But until then, I’m enjoying it as is!

I can’t believe we created this – it’s so fun to tell people we painted it. :) I know I say this a lot, but this could NOT have been any easier to do this. There was absolutely no rhyme or reason to it – we just swiped the paint back and forth, added more, painted back and forth, over and over till it was covered. (And it’s not even covered perfectly.)

When there was too much of one color in one area, I just poured on another and brushed it in. Like I said – it was a BLAST. I truly enjoyed it. And may do it again. ;)

Have you ever created your own art? Did it turn out how you hoped it would? Better? Worse? :)